The Glimpact Saas platform enables enterprises to assess the global environmental footprint of their products and organization, understand the factors behind it, and identify the most effective levers for action to reduce it. 

Our solutions are accessible to all types of companies (large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses), enabling them to place environmental performance at the heart of their production and development models. They are based solely on the calculation method and eco-design criteria that the European Union will hence forth impose on all companies as part of the new regulations adopted by the European Green Deal (ESPR regulation, CSRD directive, etc.).

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Glimpact meets all

impact assessment needs

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impact assessment needs

Carry out a carbon assessment

Glimpact technology enables you to carry out a carbon assessment of your company but goes far beyond carbon emissions.

Assess the environmental footprint of products

Glimpact evaluates the impact of any product using the 16 environmental impact categories.

Assess a company's environmental footprint

Glimpact assesses an organization's environmental footprint in terms of the 16 environmental impact categories defined according to the OEF method.

Meet the requirements of the new CSRD directive

Glimpact provides the most precise and exhaustive response to the environmental reporting requirements of the CSRD directive.

Display the environmental footprint of your products

Glimpact enables you to display your products' impact score in line with the new European regulatory requirements for environmental labelling.

Define a plan to reduce your company's footprint

Glimpact helps you define realistic objectives for reducing your organization's footprint, the right trajectory and the action plan to achieve them.

Implement eco-design approaches

Glimpact enables you to implement eco-design initiatives for your products based on the right criteria and action levers.

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Three ways to use Glimpact

Three ways to use Glimpact

In stand-alone mode

As part of a user license based on a variable annual fee, you can use the Glimpact platform independently after a short training session. You can assess the environmental footprint of your products and/or your company yourself, access various impact analyses interactively, understand the factors that explain this footprint and identify the right levers for action to reduce it, notably through eco-design initiatives.

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In consulting mode

Glimpact assesses the environmental footprint of your products and/or your company, analyzes the factors that explain it, and identifies the right levers for action to reduce it. Glimpact can help you define a plan to reduce your company's impact (from the organizational to the product level, from scope 1 to 3), setting realistic quantitative objectives with you, along with the trajectory and means to achieve them.

In collaborative mode

Throughout the process of using the platform to analyze and reduce the environmental impact of your products and/or your company, Glimpact offers its expertise and accompanies you to establish effective data collection, analysis and eco-design practices, taking into account the specific constraints of your company. Glimpact provides comprehensive support through customized training and technical assistance.

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