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The team

The team

Christophe Girardier

CEO & Co-founder

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Michael Ooms

R&D Coordinator and Co-founder

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Frederic Bettens

Director of Project Management, Business Development & Co-founder

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Sylvain Cossement

Research and Technology Development Director

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Christophe Van Durme


Julien Gontier

Director of Product Design & Platform Operations

Gaël David

Technology R&D Manager

Justine Simon

Project Coordinator Engineer

Louis Nicolas

Marketing & Communication Manager

Jéromine André

Environmental Engineer Project Manager

Clément Girardot

Business Development manager

Nadège Hombergen

R&D Apps Developer

Pierre Cebron

Engineering and Modeling Department Manager

Morgane Parize

R&D Apps Developer

Romain Alvira

LCA Project Engineer

Virginie Melloux

Executive Assistant

Loïc André

Project Coordinator Engineer

Noémie Pierret

LCA & Tech Project Engineer

Sacha Hruszczak

Project engineer

Adrien Lopes

R&D Method Project manager

Sébastien Pierfederici

Lead Environmental Engineer

Zoé Bui

R&D Methods Engineer

Mickael Gozard

Lead Backend Developper

Corentin Desmoulin

Platform Operations Engineer

Bastien Nothomb

Full-Stack analyst and developer

Mila Castleman

Environmental Engineer Project Manager

Clara Revert

Environmental Engineer Project Manager

Nicolas Heyligers

Front-End Developer

Michael Steck

Environmental Engineer Project Manager

Sebastián Herrera

Full-Stack Developer

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Join us

Join us

The start-up is looking for engineers, scientists, IT specialists, business development managers and digital communication strategists to support its rapid growth. Both young graduates and more experienced profiles are welcome, especially those with a deep awareness of the challenges of the environmental crisis and the ecological transition.